Realising a Brighter Future

If you are an international student living in or coming to the UK, we are here to support you.

Whether you are a post-graduate looking for work on the world stage, an undergraduate needing to improve interview techniques to further your studies, or an international high school student uncertain about future university options, our counsellors are able to advise and support you. We also act as abroad job consultants in Middle East, for people looking for a job in the UK.

Whatever your country of origin, our mission is to enhance your educational experience and help you translate it into a successful career on the international stage.


Our Student Support Service Counsellors provide:

Careers Advice

Using state-of-the-art diagnostics, we help you discover your strengths and then guide you into employment areas which play to them. As one of the premium abroad job consultants in Middle East, we provide exceptional advice and support tailored to the needs of the individual.


Once you have identified your goal, we utilise all our resources to help you achieve it. Interview techniques, CV writing, confidence-building strategies are just some of the areas your designated Coach will help you with. This is essential for candidates wishing to work in multi-national companies.

Leadership Development

Graduates wanting to take up leadership roles in multi-national companies through a good abroad job consultant in Middle East like us, often require extra help to prepare for the role. Our Graduate Development Programme – Total People Maintenance – is a practical course in modern leadership techniques which demonstrates how to get the best out of team members and lead with emotional intelligence.


The transition from student life to working life brings many personal and social challenges. Our Counsellors are there to support students through these challenges.

Job Search | Abroad job consultants in Middle East & Elsewhere

People looking for abroad job consultants in Middle East can contact us for getting a job in the UK. Once you are ready we put your CV into the market place, help you sort out interviews and guide you through them.

University Placement

We work with over 100 top UK Universities, and others on the international stage, and can advise graduates on additional Masters and Doctorate opportunities. Our counsellors are also used to working with mature students for whom English is not their first language.

English Support

We offer an interactive computer-based English language development programme designed to extend your professional vocabulary and usage in your chosen arena of work.

How we work with you

Having registered with us, which is FREE OF CHARGE, you can choose the way you want us to help you.

We offer a Seminar Series, in small groups, as well as our Personal Advisory Services where an individual counsellor is assigned to you.

Seminars take place regularly and on university premises in the main City Centres of the UK.

Distance-counselling using video conferencing facilities is possible after an initial one-to-one meeting. To access our services in this way will require the availability of good internet connectivity.

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