Our UCAS Services for schools are aimed at assisting schools in the UK with the application process for their international students as well as all students abroad and who wish to study at UK universities. Through our school partnerships, we act as the link between our partner schools and universities.

As the UCAS Partnerships Manager, James Harding forms the link between our partner schools and SI-UK sta and counsellors. We work closely with Heads of Sixth Form, UCAS and High Education advisors and provide a bespoke service depending on the need of each of our partners. If your school or college is not already a UCAS centre, we would be very happy to set you up and guide you through the process as well as train your school staff on becoming UCAS advisers.

We visit our partner schools at least twice a year – during the summer term prior to the application season starting and in the autumn term to assist with any application or choices queries.

All our communication is via the school, unless we are clearly instructed in writing by a senior member of staff and given authorisation to speak directly with the students.

At all times, our partner schools and students have access to our counsellors who speak over 30 different languages who provide:

  • Assistance for students and parents in their mother tongue.
  • UCAS CLEARING support (Help Line), and are available to discuss offers from universities, or to appeal decisions