BUSSATs – British Universities and Secondary Schools Achievements Tests – are designed as a tool to help everyone involved in the placement of students into British schools and in the procurement of other study abroad scholarships. Whether you are a parent or a student looking to apply to a British school in the UK or abroad, an agent placing students on a daily basis, a student looking for a study abroad scholarship, or a British school looking for international students to become part of and fit well within your community, BUSSATs can help you achieve the right results.

The BUSSATs are taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+ in Maths (standard, advanced and super advanced), English (Comprehension and Grammar) and General Knowledge (Science, Geography, History, Sport and Current Affairs). The tests can be taken at approved BUSSATs centres across the world or as schools in the UK which have achieved a PSAPI score (Private Schools Academic Performance Index).

PSAPI – Private Schools Academic Performance Index – was created by Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS) Ltd to assist schools, agents, coaching and study centres with the admissions process and make school placement a seamless transition. The Private Schools Academic Performance Index (PSAPI) benefits schools as well as students.

Private Schools in the UK achieve a unique Index Score (PSAPI) based on the level of their students at 11+ or 13+ or 16+. Students sit the British Universities & Secondary Schools Achievement Tests (BUSSATs) to help place them within the scoring system. Their results are computed into a School Academic Performance Index Score which are compared with the same tests taken by international candidates seeking placements and study abroad scholarships at those schools.

By taking the BUSSATs, each test taker has his or her results computed into an Individual Academic Performance Index Score, which gives a relative measure of overall academic ability.

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