to UK Universities, Colleges and Secondary Schools

We work closely with British schools and universities to help them recruit some of the brightest students from across the world. We also provide school placement services to international students wishing to be educated at leading UK secondary schools.


Recruitment into UK Universities:

With our partners, SI-UK Education Council, we assist international students to gain entry into top UK universities. Our basic services are FREE TO STUDENTS WHEN APPLYING THROUGH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.

To request a consultant adviser to help find your way to a UK University, just complete the attached UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE FORM. Individual advice can also be given to students seeking entry to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, as well as Medical and Law Schools.

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Recruitment into UK Pathway Colleges and Summer Schools:

ASIS works with Pathway providers located in Oxford & Cambridge, placing students who require assistance to prepare for university courses in the UK. These are often short courses, lasting between one month and one semester (9 weeks). Pathway Colleges also provide international students with special preparation to complete pre-university GCSE and A-level courses.

We also work with Etherton Education to provide top-rated Summer Schools which focus both on cultural assimilation and academic improvement.  For further consultant advice just complete the attached STUDENT INTEREST FORM.

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Recruitment into top UK Schools:

School Finder Services – ASIS works directly with nearly 80 top UK schools and our School Finder Service is available for international families entering the UK. An overview of British independent education and preparing for boarding school can be obtained through Boarding Schools: All you need to know written by ASIS consultant Victoria Davies Jones.

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Scholarship Schools – ASIS have put together a Federation of leading Boarding Schools in the UK to offer places to international children at 11+, 13+ and 16+. There is just ONE exam for entry and ONE registration fee, covering every school. Each Federation school has offered generous scholarships for international pupils coming to them through ASIS. The scholarships cover a percentage of tuition and boarding fees and last for the duration the child attends the school. There are more than 50 scholarships on offer valued at around £1 million annually.

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BUSSATs Entry Tests:

Schools with whom we work accept the BUSSATs Entry Tests ( as supplementary evidence of academic ability for entry. We can facilitate the taking of the entry tests. To access this service, complete the form on the right.


School Finder Fees:

Hourly charges for consultancy, as well as half-day and daily consultancy fees may apply. Placement at some schools, however, is FREE OF CHARGE to parents who pay registration and entry exam fees. Enquire for details.

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