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ASIS/SI-UK Pricing and Terms and Conditions of Services:


These Terms and Conditions reflect the custom and practice of our company and form the basis of a legal contract for educational services. The terms and conditions are intended to promote the education and welfare of each student and the stability, forward-planning, proper resourcing and development of our organisation.

Our literature and website are not contractual documents and are subject to change without prior notice.

Our ASIS Gold Level Service carries with it A GUARANTEE OF A SCHOOL OFFER, or all fees are refunded, (excluding the Deposit which is non-refundable).

This service is particularly helpful to families unfamiliar with UK culture and educational practices. If language translation services are needed, these can also be provided.

We (ASIS Consultants):

Make contact on your behalf (the parents and or guardians/representatives) with appropriate UK schools and make arrangements to secure an offer of a place

  • Advise on all curriculum and subject options, including on-going university programmes when High School has finished
  • Counsel the children on how to make the most of the new educational opportunity
  • Organise appointments and visits to a range of chosen schools
  • Accompany families on these familiarisation visits and help discussions with Head Teachers and Admissions Tutors
  • Establish any learning support programmes where English language ability is lacking or some other special learning need is identified
  • Advise on school contracts and financial terms
  • Help arrange favourable fee-payment schedules and plans

To make use of the ASIS Gold Service a non-refundable deposit, equivalent to a half day of consultancy services is required.


Pricing and payment details:


Deposit (non-refundable, payable in advance): £900 (£750+VAT*)

1 Day – £1800 (£1500 + VAT*)

2 Days – £3360 (£2,800 + VAT*)

3 Days – £4920 (£4,100 + VAT*)

– Balance on 1-day Service: £900 (£750+VAT*)
– Balance on 2-day Service: £2460 (£2050+VAT*)
– Balance on 3-day Service: £4020 (£3350+VAT*)

The deposit is non-refundable and must be paid before ASIS consultants engage in any kind of student placements after the general, initial one hour consultation.

The initial consultation is purely an introductory conversation with general knowledge on the UK education system, an overview of your needs and an introduction to our services.

Should you wish to change your mind and cancel your agreement with us after engaging our services for a one day service or more, and provided we have not completed application forms to the schools and confirmed acceptance of a place, you are entitled to a refund of services but not of the deposit paid.

Any cancellation must be sent in writing by post or email to ASIS consultants.

For details on how to make a payment please refer to our website www.angloschools.com or ask a member of our team.


* International visitors wishing to reclaim VAT can request a VAT Receipt from ASIS.