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Welcome to Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS).

We are experts in helping international students, high school pupils and families find a good British Education in top British boarding schools and universities. We manage a Federation of UK Boarding Schools where our international pupils can apply for scholarships and other funding help. We bring the whole admissions system to the front door of the international pupil and we run entry exams in local country areas.  And because there is only one admission and exam fee covering all Federation schools, we save families thousands of pounds. We take the pain and strain out of finding a UK Boarding School when living abroad. Through our partners, SI-UK Education Council, we place students in leading British universities and advise on courses, visas and finances. OUR BASIC COUNSELLING  AND STUDENT PLACEMENT SERVICES ARE FREE. We help students from India, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Africa and Europe. When families are relocating to the UK, we help with finding the right school, advising on curriculums, funding of fees and preparing children for their new educational experience. We coach, mentor and prepare them for entry exams and help them join the UK curriculum with great ease. We remove the stress of moving schools.

Other Services

School Management Consultancy:  Our team of former Headteachers and Admissions Tutors assists in resolving all pupil recruitment issues and in delivering leadership and staff development programmes. We provide assistance in school development programmes.