Welcome to ASIS

Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS) Ltd is an education consultancy working to expand global opportunities for international students, taking them into world class schools and universities and from there, on to top international careers and jobs.

International Student Recruitment

At home, we work closely with British schools and universities to help them recruit some of the brightest students from across the world. In partnership with PEARSON VUE we provide international proficiency testing of children aged 10-18, using the BUSSATs assessments in English, Maths and General Knowledge. More than 100 UK Schools accept individual pupil results as pre-entry evidence of their academic ability. UK universities recognise BUSSATs as supporting evidence on applicants’ personal statements of entry. As a leading international education consultancy, we provide school placement services to international students wishing to be educated at leading UK schools. We also work with Study-in UK Education Council, the UK’s leading university recruiter, to advise international students already studying in the UK on appropriate higher education opportunities. Our mission is to provide uplifting and life changing opportunities for the young people of the world.

International Support Services

At ASIS, we seek to improve learning opportunities for young people in the United Kingdom and across the world. In addition to the usual services provided by international education consultancies, we provide, through our Support Services, an advisory service for students wishing to be educated in the UK, Ireland, the USA and other countries such as the Netherlands, helping them access the best schools and universities. We also assist international students in the UK with all aspects of their educational journey and moving forward to post graduate studies, leadership skills, internship programs and job opportunities.

We believe that a student does not need to take this all important journey alone and we are committed to providing support and guidance along the way – from school to university, through to internships and training moving on to leadership development and ultimately, a successful career and bright future.

International School Development

We project manage the development of British schools abroad. We specialise in India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and the Middle East. We provide financial, educational, business and marketing plans, working hands-on to create new international schools which follow the UK model and which deliver British-based or IB curriculums.  The project teams of our foreign education consultancy includes former headteachers, academic directors, architects, marketeers, finance managers, school admissions experts, human resource consultants and staff recruiters. We work with international schools to help them develop their skills-base to improve school leadership and student outcomes.